Help with Key Stage 1 to 3 SATs, GCSEs, A-levels, ESOL (Skills for Life) and Apprenticeships

Develop the skills necessary to be a high achiever in education and employment

Broaden your knowledge and intellect to become a well rounded, confident and independent thinker

At Wellfield Education we run weekend and evening schools for children of all ages in English, mathematics, and science. We take a rigorous approach to our classes, combining the best from classical and progressive education methods within a fun but highly disciplined environment.

In our unique education model, we put children in small classes according to ability rather than age and children progress at their own pace. Pupils are assessed on their first visit, from which we identify the areas to focus on. The time spent on subjects will be dependent on the needs of the pupils and we can adjust the pace based on the pupils’ needs.

We not only ensure your child has a firm knowledge of the national curriculum and good exam technique with regular practice SAT, GCSE and A-level tests, but we also aim to provide depth and knowledge above and beyond the curriculum. Examples of our efforts in this area might include activities such as break time debating and public speaking; talks and workshops in mathematics, science, engineering and philosophy; and work experience using our links to academia, business and industry.

All students at our schools will be taught by highly educated teachers, academics and other professionals in order to increase their educational achievement, employability and ultimately what they can give back to their own communities. We make a point of hiring qualified teachers as well those from other backgrounds such as engineers, scientists, philosophers and writers. The former group ensures our students know the material required of the national curriculum while the latter group offer skills, knowledge and professional advice outside of subject specific syllabi and the school environment. Among our staff we have graduates from Cambridge, St Andrews, the London School of Economics and Kings College London, to name a few.

Other services offered by Wellfield Education include:

  • Private tuition – our teachers come to you
  • Interview practice for university applications, jobs and advice
  • ESOL Skills for life
  • UK Citizenship Test
  • Literacy & Numeracy Courses for Adults
  • IT training (MS Office/Hardware/Web-design & Development)
  • Business & Administration
  • Childcare/Health & Social Care
  • Accountancy & Bookkeeping Services (e.g. Self Assessment, Payroll, VAT)
  • Apprenticeships e.g. Level 2 NVQ in Customer Service
  • European Projects e.g NVC- Project, Learning Parents & Family Mediation Project
  • Facilities Hire